Treating Essential Tremor with Sound Waves

Essential tremor, also referred to as familial, idiopathic or benign tremor, causes uncontrollable shaking that can impact a person’s ability to live an independent and active lifestyle. When an essential tremor patient does not get tremor relief from medications, the Incisionless Neuravive treatment could be an option.

Neuravive uses sound waves to treat the small spot in the brain considered to be responsible for causing tremor. No incisions or permanent implants are needed for the treatment.

Treatment Benefits

Incisionless Treatment using Sound Waves

Incisionless treatment
(no scalpel, no cuts)

Essential Tremor Focused Ultrasound treatment often performed on an outpatient basis

Often performed on an
outpatient basis

Immediate results for essential tremor patients treated hand

Immediate results
on treated hand

Essential Tremor Treatment is safe and effective with minimal side effects

Safe and effective with
minimal side effects

Essential Tremor Focused Ultrasound treatment is FDA approved & Clinically Proven

FDA approved and
clinically proven

Over 3,000 patients have been treated by Essential Tremor Focused Ultrasound Treatment and counting

Over 3,000 patients
treated and growing

Could you be a candidate for the Incisionless Neuravive Treatment?

Gregg Ley gets his
self-esteem back

When Gregg Ley’s hand tremor worsened, he could no
longer work. His wife, Cathy, found out that ultrasound
waves were being used to treat essential tremor.

Watch how he got his life back

This testimonial may not be representative of all
treatment outcomes.

For safety information click here.

Medicare coverage
continues to expand across
the United States

Neuravive, the MR-guided focused ultrasound treatment
for medication-refractory essential tremor, is a Medicare
covered benefit in 38 states.

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