Just Reach Out and ask an Educator

Last month, we connected with Health Educator Lisett to learn about  INSIGHTEC’s Tremor Program Services, which provides education to patients and caregivers on essential tremor as well as FDA-approved treatment options, with an emphasis on INSIGHTEC’s Neuravive treatment. This month, I would like to introduce you to Yasmina, another Educator at INSIGHTEC.

Yasmina has always been fascinated by the healthcare industry. While watching an episode of Dr. Oz on focused ultrasound being the future of incisionless surgery, she decided that if given the opportunity she wouldn’t hesitate to join INSIGHTEC. She jumped at the opportunity to be on the Tremor Program Services team.

As an Educator, Yasmina connects with patients and caregivers by phone to offer education on essential tremor and focused ultrasound and to answer questions they might have. The most frequently asked questions include: where is Neuravive Focused Ultrasound Treatment offered in the U.S., what are the risks and side effects and is it covered by Medicare?

Yasmina retells a recent conversation with a woman in her early 80s from California.  After hearing about Neuravive, an incisionless treatment option for essential tremor, the woman immediately filled out the online Neuravive quiz to see if she could be a candidate.  Yasmina listened as the woman explained that she had been suffering with essential tremor for years and it had become difficult for her to do the hobbies she enjoyed.  Once the woman found out she was a candidate for the treatment, Yasmina shared that the patient was “excited to know there was a Neuravive Treatment Center in her area and that she was going to get her life back.”

During one conversation, the woman remarked at how easy it was to fill out the questionnaire and have her questions answered by the INSIGHTEC Educators – all while sitting in the comfort of her home.

Yasmina and the other educators have multiple touchpoints with people living with essential tremor. While not everyone is a suitable candidate for Neuravive, Yasmina takes great pleasure in speaking with everyone who calls in. She “finds it extremely rewarding listening to each person’s story, learning how essential tremor has altered their lives and providing education on treatment options, including incisionless surgery.”

During her free time Yasmina enjoys taking the time to travel around the world, eat local dishes and create photo albums to look back on the memories she’s made over the years. Her favorite country she’s been to is Spain, and she hopes to return soon.

Do you have questions or comments for Yasmina on essential tremor, treatment options and/or Neuravive? Reach out to her by filling out this form, and she or another educator will get in touch with you.